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Red Dwarf Series VIII

Region: 2

All eight episodes:
Back in the Red - Part 1
Back in the Red - Part 2
Back in the Red - Part 3
Krytie TV
Pete - Part 1
Pete - Part 2
Only the Good...

Bonus Material:
"The Tank" Original Documentary
Deleted Scenes
Smeg Ups
"Comedy Connections" Red Dwarf Special
"Super Models" Featurette
Storyboard Sequences
PBS Sketches and Idents
"Fight!" Featurette
Raw FX Footage

The nanobots have populated the ship with its original crew. This is especially good news for Rimmer, who is now a lot less dead, but is extremely bad news for everyone else. Locked up on Red Dwarf's prison deck, the crew join the Canaries - a battle-hardened convict army and not, as they first thought, the prison choir.

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