Frequently Asked Questions

QWill there be a Red Dwarf Series XII?
AYes! Filmed back-to-back with 2016's Series XI, the twelfth series of Red Dwarf is now in post-production, and is set to air exclusively on Dave later in 2017.
QWill new Red Dwarf ever be broadcast in my country?
AFollowing its premiere in the UK, Series X was acquired for broadcast by Australian channel ABC1 and certain US-based PBS affiliates. As yet, these are the only international transmissions to have occurred.

At the time of writing, Series XI has not yet been picked up by a foreign distributor, but obviously we hope and expect that this will change following the episodes' UK premiere. As ever, keep checking the weekly news updates on for updates!
QCan I stream Red Dwarf episodes online?
AVarious on-demand platforms offer access to Red Dwarf episodes at different times, for both subscription streaming and download-to-own purchase. Availability varies by region, but keep an eye on our Watch Red Dwarf section for up-to-date links.

Depending on their most recent broadcast, both "new" and "Classic" episodes of Red Dwarf sometimes appear on the free UKTV Play on demand service!
QHow many episodes of Red Dwarf are there?
AAs of the end of Series XI, there are 67 episodes of Red Dwarf in total. The 2009 Back to Earth special was edited into a special feature-length "Director's Cut" for the DVD/Blu-ray release, and this is writer/director Doug Naylor's preferred version of the story; however, for numbering purposes the episodes should be considered as the three parts in which they were originally broadcast. The multi-part stories of Series VIII ("Back in the Red" and "Pete") are also counted as separate episodes.
QHow many series are there?
ASo far, ten series and one special - or, if you prefer, eleven "sets" of episodes.

The first eight series are simply referred to by number - usually with roman numerals (Series I-VIII). This convention dates back to the numbering on the original video releases - and was first used onscreen for Series VII in 1997. Although Back to Earth is a special rather than a series - and so should not be called "Series IX" - as the tenth set of episodes, the 2012 series is officially designated "Series X".

If you'd rather say "season" than "series", by the way, we won't hold that against you. Doug himself often does this.
QWhat happened between Series VIII and Back to Earth?
AAt the end of Series VIII, the main crew consisted of Lister, a newly-resurrected version of the pre-accident Rimmer, Cat, Kryten and Kochanski. The rest of Red Dwarf's crew had also been resurrected by nanobots.

As of Back to Earth, and continuing onwards to Series X, Kochanski has left the crew and Rimmer is now a hologram again. The "current" version of Rimmer appears to remember things that have happened both to the original hologram, and the Series VIII resurrected version. However, we don't know exactly which version he is, nor why he's a hologram once more. Ship's computer Holly, meanwhile, is out of commission due to waterlogging.

Some of this "missing history" may yet be explored in future episodes or other media. Some of it might always remain a mystery!
QDoes Back to Earth take place before or after Series X?
ADue to a line of dialogue in Back to Earth Part Two - which was then also repeated on the cover of the DVD release due to it deliberately replicating the sleeve seen in the show - some fans believe that Series X is designed to serve as a "prequel" of sorts to Back to Earth.

However, the "series ten" that Lister refers to in Back to Earth is a fictional series within the group hallucination taking place in the story. It bears no resemblance to the actual, later-produced Series X. Throughout Series X, Lister is searching for Kochanski, as a direct result of the events of Back to Earth, and as such can only take place after it.
QWhat is the status of the Red Dwarf movie?
ACurrently our efforts are focussed on the TV production. A script still exists and any developments will be posted on - where you can find storyboard artwork and other archive news.
QWill there ever be another Red Dwarf novel?
ADoug Naylor has stated that he would be interested in writing multiple further novels at some point in the future - but they're unlikely to happen while the TV show is in active production.
QIs there going to be a Red Dwarf stage show?
AA stage project, based on the Dwarf movie script, has been under consideration at various times in the past. At the moment no such project is in active development - but as ever, the website will report any updates as they happen.
QWas there an American version of Red Dwarf?
AIn 1992, US broadcaster NBC commissioned a pilot for a US adaptation of Red Dwarf. Produced by Linwood Boomer - creator of the hit series Malcolm in the Middle - and scripted by Rob and Doug (albeit with heavy studio interference!), the pilot was based on the script for "The End", albeit with Kryten written in to be on the ship from the beginning. Robert Llewellyn reprised his role alongside Craig Bierko as Lister, Chris Eigeman as Rimmer, Hinton Battle as the Cat and Jane Leeves as Holly.

The pilot ultimately proved unsatisfactory, and was not picked up for a series. Shortly afterwards, a second low-budget "promo" pilot, with a recast Rimmer and (female) Cat, mixed new footage in with clips from the first pilot, but this also proved fruitless.

The full story of this ill-fated venture is told in the "Dwarfin' USA" documentary on the Series V DVD.
QDid Red Dwarf originally start on the radio?
AThe original premise of Red Dwarf was based loosely on a series of sketches written by Rob and Doug for their 1984 Radio 4 series Son of Cliché. Called "Dave Hollins: Space Cadet", the sketches followed the misadventures of the last human being in the cosmos, and his computer Hab. Some of the plot and jokes of Red Dwarf's early series were drawn from the original sketches, albeit with some changes in detail.

You can hear some of "Dave Hollins" on the Red Dwarf DVDs, and Son of Cliché is occasionally rebroadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra.
QIs there a CD of Red Dwarf music?
ARights issues have prevented the release of a physical CD of Red Dwarf music in the past, and any CDs of incidental music offered online are unofficial and unauthorised. However! You can now buy a specially remastered selection of underscore from across the entire run of Red Dwarf as a digital-only release, courtesy of Howard Goodall.
QWhat are the lyrics to the show's closing theme tune?
AIt's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere
I'm all alone, more or less
Let me fly, far away from here
Fun, fun, fun
In the sun, sun, sun
I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose
Drinking fresh mango juice
Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes
Fun, fun, fun
In the sun, sun, sun

The apparent non-sequitur of these lyrics actually refers to Lister's dream, stated in the first episode, of retiring to a farm on Fiji. The theme was composed by Howard Goodall and sung by Jenna Russell. There are actually two slightly different mixes of the closing theme employed across the first six series - see if you can spot the differences!

Any additional verses you may hear on alternative recordings, such as those found on TV soundtrack compilation albums, are unofficial and should not be considered canonical parts of the theme.
QWhat is the title of the first novel?
AUpon its original release, the first book was simply titled Red Dwarf. However, the text on a sign shown on the front cover illustration - "Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers" - became the book's official subtitle in later editions. As such, the book is now usually referred to by the full title Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, often shortened by fans to simply IWCD or Infinity.
QDo the novels take place in the same continuity as the TV series?
AThe Red Dwarf novels tell an alternative version of the story, expanding upon events and also changing various details as befits the narrative. They should therefore be considered a separate, standalone continuity - although some elements first introduced in the novels were later retrospectively folded into the TV series' backstory.

Further confusing matters, the two "solo" novels - Doug Naylor's Last Human and Rob Grant's Backwards - each tell their own separate version of events following the conclusion of Better Than Life. As such, each of these books should also be considered as part of a distinct canon from the other.

Fortunately, in Red Dwarf, there are an infinite number of parallel universes, thus any and all continuities can be considered correct and/or canonical!
QWhat Red Dwarf DVDs and merchandise are available?
AIn the UK (Region 2):
Red Dwarf Series I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII and VIII as two- or three-disc sets. All episodes are in their original format, and every series includes deleted scenes, outtakes, documentaries, cast commentary, interviews and more.
Series I,II,III and IV are also available as "vanilla" single-disc releases with no extra features.
The Bodysnatcher Collection, featuring all three Remastered series, all-new documentaries and commentaries, plus rare unseen footage.
Beat The Geek, an interactive quiz DVD hosted by Holly.
All The Shows, all 52 episodes in Anniversary 'photo album' packaging.
Just The Shows Vol.1, Vol.2 and Complete all compiling the episodes without bonus material.
Just The Smegs, compiling the Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs specials.
Back To Earth two-disc set with deleted scenes, "smeg ups", documentary and director's commentary (also on Blu-ray).
Red Dwarf X two-disc set with deleted scenes, "smeg ups" and two-hour documentary (also on Blu-ray).
Red Dwarf XI two-disc set with behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, smeg-ups and SFX footage (also on Blu-ray).

In Australia (Region 4):
Red Dwarf Series I-VIII, Back to Earth and Series X as above.
The Bodysnatcher Collection as above.
Beat The Geek as above.
Just The Shows Vol.1 and Vol.2 as above
Just The Smegs as above.

In the USA/Canada (Region 1):
Red Dwarf Series I-XI and Back to Earth as above.

Rest of World:
The series is also available on country-specific DVD releases in Japan, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland and the Czech Republic.

A range of licensed merchandise also exists. Please see the Merchandise section for more information.

Series I-VIII and Back to Earth can also be purchased digitally via iTunes, and for viewers in some countries the first three series are available on the BBC's Global iPlayer app.
QWhy has Universe Challenge not been released on DVD?
ARights issues mean that this quiz show special is the only part of 1998's BBC2 themed Red Dwarf Night not to be released on DVD. This is sadly unlikely to change in the future.
QHow can I join the Red Dwarf fan club?
AIf you go to the links section on this site, you will find a link to The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. Please note that the fan club is run by the fans on a voluntary basis so it may take them a while to get back to you if they get gazillions of enquiries!
QIs there a Red Dwarf convention?
AIn the UK, "Dimension Jump" conventions are held by the Fan Club every year or two. To find out more about upcoming events, see the TORDFC website. To read about past events, visit the Fan Club section of this site.
QWhat is Red Dwarf: Remastered?
ARed Dwarf: Remastered was a 1997 project to re-release the first three series on home video with updated special effects, improved picture quality and sound mix, and a number of other alterations and edits.

The Remastered episodes are available on DVD as part of the Bodysnatcher Collection boxset. The standard individual series DVD releases and Just the Shows boxsets feature the original broadcast editions.
QWill Series IV, V and VI ever be remastered?
AThere are no plans to remaster these series at the present time.
QI want to work on Red Dwarf! Have you got any jobs?
AIndustry professionals should contact Grant Naylor Productions via the appropriate channels.
QCan I send my Red Dwarf script to Grant Naylor Productions for consideration?
AWe regret that we are unable to accept any unsolicited scripts, and those which are received are returned unread. Please see the Terms of Use section on this site which outlines our policy on this.
QHow can I contact the cast?
AAny correspondence to the cast should be directed to their agents:

Chris Barrie is represented by Noel Gay Management.
Craig Charles and Robert Llewellyn are represented by United Agents.
Danny John-Jules is represented by The Neptune Agency.
QHow can I contact with an enquiry?
AIn the first instance, please log on to our forum and post your enquiry there. The site co-ordinator monitors all discussions and will be able to provide you with an answer.
QHow much of the show is based on real scientific theory?
ADoug Naylor is a voracious researcher, and his shelves are lined with books on quantum theory and new technologies. Huge amounts of the show have been influenced by real theories - including the nanobots, the stasis booth and the dimension theory of reality (!). A Brief History of Time author Professor Stephen Hawking remains a big fan of the show. One episode of The 10%ers - Grant Naylor's talent agency sit-com - included a reference to A Brief History of Time: The Musical (which featured the song 'Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal A-Go-Go' and starred Jason Donovan as an electron).
QWould anybody like any toast?