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    Welcome to the brand new Official Red Dwarf forum! Thanks for your patience while we settle in with the new software and get everything straightened out - but we hope you'll find this new forum a more accessible and easy way to chat about all things Red Dwarf (and a few tangentially-related things besides).

    First up, if you haven't, it would be a good time to familiarise yourself (or refamiliarise, if you're an old hand) with the Forum Rules. These rules haven't changed significantly from before, but we have made a few additions and clarifications, in part to account for how some things will work a little differently from now on, and to be clear about discussions around last year's Red Dwarf XI and the upcoming Red Dwarf XII.

    Secondly, we should give you a bit more background info on the new software. If you've ever used another forum that's based around Xenforo before, then you may find that a lot of these functions and options are familiar; but if you're only used to the old reddwarf.co.uk forum then some of them might be a bit new and bewildering to you! So here are a few things you may find useful, as well as an explanation of some aspects that have changed:

    Registration and Usernames

    To register as a new user, simply follow the instructions on the registration page. You will need to confirm your valid email address before you can post on the forum. There is no moderator approval on accounts at present: once you've confirmed, you can post away! Do feel free to start a thread here in the Recuperation Lounge introducing yourself once you've signed up - but don't feel obliged, either!

    When logging in, you can do so either with your username or email address. Please note that usernames cannot be changed after registration.

    If you had an account on the previous forum, this has been transferred across to the new one. However, the old forum had the option for both a permanent login name (not displayed) and an editable Display Name - while this new forum only has the option for a permanent, combined login/display name. Due to limitations over characters that can be included in these names, we have only been able to import the previous login names - which may differ from the name you were used to using before! As such, if you would like your login name to be changed, please send the administrator (the chap whose profile is alongside this post!) a private message and it will be done for you as a one-off.


    On the old RD forum, avatars were either remotely hosted, or chosen from a bank of available options built into the forum. On this new forum, you can directly upload an image of your choosing instead. This image can be up to 200x200 pixels large.

    If you had an avatar selected on the old forum, then wherever possible it has been imported across; but in some instances our automated software was unable to do so. If this has happened, then you can simply re-upload the same picture (or a new one!)

    We no longer have the option to choose an automatic avatar, but if you're struggling for inspiration we've created a gallery on the site of pre-made 200x200 images - if you wish, you can save down an image of your choice and then upload it on your profile.

    If the email address that you use to log in to the forum is registered with the Gravatar service, then on your profile page you can choose to have that same Gravatar as your forum avatar.


    We have imported existing post signatures across from the old forum wherever possible, but please note that due to limitations over HTML markup, some may not display exactly as they were originally created.

    Messaging and other Interactions

    Your private messages from the old forum should have transferred to the new Conversations inbox. In addition, if you wish you may choose to befriend another user by Following their posts. And if you want to "mention" another user in the body of a forum post, you can do so by typing @ followed by part of their username - select them from the dropdown list and their name, and a link to their profile, will appear in your post. They will then receive a notification that you have mentioned them.

    Of course, you should not use this ability to bug other users; but if there's a user on the forum that you don't want to hear from, you can choose to "Ignore" them. If ignored, you will not see their messages or mentions; and while their posts will still show up in thread listings, they will be hidden behind a cut and you will have to manually choose to see each one.

    Your profile pages also serve as a mini "social network", in that you can post status updates, and leave comments on other people's profiles. Please note that posts made on profile pages should be considered subject to all the same rules as posts elsewhere on the forum.

    Thread Tags

    If you want to make your thread easier to find by subject matter, you can group it using Tags - these can be inputted when you create the thread. Tags should be used to describe the subject of the thread in a way that means it can be grouped with other, similar threads and searched for.


    We now have a Warning system for breaches of the rules: if you receive a Warning, you will be given a certain number of Warning Points. These points expire after a month, but if you reach 5 points within a single month-long period, you will receive an automatic two-week suspension from the forum.

    Please see the Rules for more information about the kind of behaviour that will accrue warnings. You can report posts that you feel are in breach of the rules via inline links within threads.


    Due to the changed system for notifications on the forum, in terms of watched threads and so on, you may wish to check your individual settings to ensure that you're getting the notifications you want (either on your dashboard or via email) - or not getting them, as the case may be!


    It's not a feature that everyone wants to use, but it is a feature of modern forum life - so if you want to, you can "Like" another user's post. The number of accumulated likes each user has is displayed on their profile page.


    Yes, you can now add a poll to a thread that you've created. Do not go mad with this power.

    Our thanks go to Chris D and all at Xenforo for their assistance in setting up this new forum!
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