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  1. mtullock

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    Apr 27, 2009
    Thought it might be fun to note your fav and least fav guest stars for each series. It can be based on the character/actor/Scene doesn't matter and it's not a witch hunt just a fav and least fav.....

    Series 1
    Fav: confidence. Always amused me
    Least fav: cat priest.

    Series 2
    Fav: queeg
    Least fav: female rimmer

    Series 3
    Fav: Hudson 10
    Least fav: young lister.

    Series 4
    Fav: justice simulant
    Least fav: laurel

    Series 5
    Fav: Tim spall
    Least fav: holoship no 1

    Series 6
    Fav: simulant captain
    Least fav: the nasty cowboy

    Series 7
    Fav: epideme
    Least fav: guy in the bar

    Series 8
    Fav: kill crazy
    Least fav: holly and captain it's a tie :-(

    Series 9
    Fav: Russian officer (forgot name)
    Least fav: the creator

    Series 10
    Fav: Howard or Pree
    Least fav: hogey

    Series 11
    Fav: misprinted captain
    Least fav: snacky - the character is just too daft for me

    Series 12
    Fav: holly ..... totally made up for 8!
    Least fav: the enforcer of the MILFs didn't like the performance at all.
  2. AJ Smegface

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    Apr 18, 2011
    Series 1
    Favourite: Another vote for Confidence (Craig Ferguson). He makes the episode for me.
    Least favourite: The Cat Priest, namely because I just don't like Waiting For God much.

    Series 2
    Favourite: David Ross as Kryten. Who knows if Kryten would have been brought in as a regular if it wasn't for Ross's turn here...
    Least favourite: The Dog - I was always disappointed Cat's counterpart wasn't a female.

    Series 3
    Favourite: Tie between Rimmer's mum, and the butler in Timeslides as both are very funny with the little they have to do.
    Least favourite: Adolf Hitler simply because I've never been fond of the guy, personally.

    Series 4
    Favourite: Tony Hawks as Caligula. Love Meltdown, love the prison scenes, loved Caligula slapping Lister!
    Least favourite: No one.

    Series 5
    Favourite: Jane Horrocks as Nirvanah Crane. Great actress in a great episode, plus Don Warrington was great in his cameo as well.
    Least favourite: The new crew in Back to Reality. What a bunch of smegheads, 'ey?.

    Series 6
    Favourite: The Rogue Simulant in Rimmerworld, played by Liz Hickling. I should really be saying Legion but... yeah, Liz Hickling.
    Least favourite: The GELFs' in Emohawk: Polymorph II... The Kinitawowi language stuff is okay, but nothing special.

    Series 7
    Favourite: Don Henderson's Simulant. He was the best acted guest role in VII, and he brought a real presence to the role too.
    Least favourite: JFK, as a character in the episode, was pretty dull.

    Series 8
    Favourite: Kill Crazy. Bonkers as a box of frogs and makes me laugh everytime, especially in Cassandra. I was honestly hoping to see Jake Wood pop up somewhere in XI or XII...
    Least favourite: Big Meat from Only the Good... No. Just no.

    Back to Earth
    Favourite: Katerina Bartikovsky, played by Sophie Winkleman. For me, she was definitely one of the more positive elements of the entire Back to Earth three-parter.
    Least favourite: Swallow, the make-up/costume guy, because the role wasn't that interesting.

    Series 10
    Favourite: It's too tough to call between Howard Rimmer (Mark Dexter) and Pree (Rebecca Blackstone). In bronze position would be the dispensing machines from Dear Dave though.
    Least favourite: The BEGGs in Entangled (see above; series 6).

    Series 11
    Favourite: Dominic Coleman as Butler takes it, but I also enjoyed 4 of 27 (Kevin Eldon) and Captain Herring from Officer Rimmer (who, for some reason, I always thought was played by Richard O'Callaghan [The Creator in BTE and Roguey in The Beginning]).
    Least favourite: The GELF, BEGG or whatever it is in Krysis (see above; series 10 and above-above; series 6).

    Series 12
    Favourite: Adolf Hitler. After what I said about series three, I'm a hypocrite. But Ryan Gage was really good.
    Least favourite: Ziggy or Aniter (because she just didn't have much to do in M-Corp, imo).

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