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    Tex Rimmer
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    But does he menstruate?
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    Why hasn’t he returned to disappoint everyone?
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    I saw title and knew it was going to be a Tex Rimmer thread.
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    Behind you

    It depends on his mood.
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    He came back.
    He moaned
    And then left.

    @Tex_Rimmer is a fraud
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    At the docks, fresh fish and cargo were being transported from the ships to the other trains for delivery. Edward arrived right on time with a refrigerator car. They were making a special vanilla ice cream chocolate cake for Miss Sodor. The smell was so good, Edward's boiler made a smooth tingle.
    "What kind of ice cream do they have?" Smiled Rusty, the young Narrow Gauge engine looking up at the crate.
    "Hmmm…that thar smells like Briney Delight." Said Salty, the dockyard diesel. "Me driver always gets me some after a long hard days work."
    Edward looked up at the crate. "It does smell good." He looked at Rusty and Salty. "You know what today is?"
    "Aye." Said Salty. "Me thinks it be Valentines Day. Me fireman is very excited. He's got a lovely bouquet of sea lilies to give to his sweet maiden…ahhh romance…"
    Rusty blushed, looking up at the crate.

    The crate was slowly being loaded into the car as Rusty looked over at Edward.
    "Edward, have you found a valentine yet?" asked the little diesel.
    "Umm…no not really. I don't know if I'm going to though. I've got a long journey ahead and Valentines aren't at the head of my train of thought."
    Rusty blushed slightly. "Well…ummm…maybe when you finish would you like to-"
    The loud echo of one of the ships horns sounded. The crate was finished being carried in and Edward's driver got back into the seat.
    "Allright Edward!" he said. "We got a long way to go! Is the load too heavy?"
    "No, sir." Said the old one. "I'm sorry Rusty, maybe we can chat later?"
    Rusty wheeshed sadly. "I…guess…"
    Edward chuffed away. Rusty was upset.
    "Aye there…" said Salty. "Do not be worrying, lass. You'll be finding a Valentine sooner then you tink."
    "I hope so…"
    Edward puffed at a slow pace, making his way slowly to the bakery. He climbed up Gordon's hill and his axels grinded, making Edward grimace in pain.
    "Easy there boy…" said his driver. "We're almost there."
    Edward tried to catch his breath and almost lost his breath speeding down the hill again. As he made his way to a nearby station, he spotted James talking to Emily. He could overhear some of their conversation.
    "James, please." She said. "I told you before, I don't want to be your valentine!"
    "Sure you do!" smirked the cocky one. "Look at my red paint, you and I would be a glorious sight together."
    "Ugggh!" wheeshed Emily. "I'd never want to be with someone as conceited as you! All you care about is yourself! Not to mention you've asked this same question to the other girls!"

    James laughed. "Emily, you're gorgeous. Be my valentine."
    Edward stopped. "Excuse me."
    Emily looked over at Edward and smiled excitedly. "Hi Edward!"
    He nodded before James glared back at him. "Shouldn't you be on your way, slow coach?"
    "Don't talk to me like that." He said. "Emily doesn't want to be your valentine! You're the slow coach, you should have been at Wellsworth 10 minutes ago!"
    James' eyes widened. "Oh! Oh my you're right!" He quickly chugged his wheels and wheeshed flirtingly at Emily. "See you later, cutie!"
    Emily growled and let off steam. "I cannot STAND him. He's so arrogant."
    "Don't mind him." Smiled Edward. "That's how James is. Looks like this is a game to him."
    Emily smiled and chuffed next to Edward. "Thank you Edward." She sweetly whistled next to him.
    Edward blushed and sweetly whistled back.
    "Mind if I ride along the rails with you? I finished my errand already."
    "I don't mind."
    She giggled. "Good! Race ya!" Emily chuffed off happily.
    "Oh come now!" laughed the blue one. "I can't keep up!"

    Thomas sighed sadly as he shunted another truck into the sidings. Rosie had disappeared though for an unknown reason. [I'll only be a bit. I have to go an get my surprise! This left Thomas alone by himself. He went into the Coach section and coupled up to take out Annie and Clarabell.
    "Where did Rosie go?" asked Annie.
    "I don't know." Said Thomas. "She said she had to get a surprise."
    "I'm surprised you don't take any jobs with her." Said Clarabell. "She's very eager to work with you."
    "Yeah, a little too eager sometimes…" said Thomas. "She followed me around for a chat, it's like she's really interested in me."
    "Are you interested in her?" said Annie.
    Thomas blushed and he wheeshed. "Who? Me? No! She's just a friend!"
    "Oh really?" said Clarabell, raising her eyebrow. "She really fancies you Thomas."
    "Ehh…I don't know." He gently pulled out Annie onto the turntable.
    "I don't know if I want to be in love. I mean…Rosie is really nice…and sweet…and…awfully…uhmm…"
    Clarabell giggled as Thomas made a weird wolf whistling whistle sound from his boiler. Thomas blushed and looked away.
    "Oh come on!" laughed Annie. "Just admit it! You fancy her Thomas!"
    Thomas sighed and shunted Annie into the corner, returning for Clarabell. Just then, Rosie came back with a truck full of beautiful lilies. Thomas blushed as Rosie shunted it to him, coming over to the siding to see Thomas.
    "I got some lilies for you Thomas! Aren't they beautiful?"
    Thomas made the whistling sound again. "Y-Y…yeah…I…wow…"

    She giggled and chugged next to him. "You're really cute when you blush Thomas…"
    Annie and Clarabell giggled at Thomas' reaction. He was mesmerized with her eyes.
    "I like them a lot Rosie." He took a deep breath and let out a small sweet whistle.
    Rosie gasped and Annie and Clarabell giggled and whispered to eachother.
    "You…you do?" said Rosie.
    "They're very beautiful." Said Thomas, looking at them. "…Just…like you." Poor Thomas was shocked to hear what he was saying.
    Rosie blushed more and giggled, whistling sweetly. "Thank you Thomas!! YOU ARE SO SWEET!"
    Thomas nodded and Rosie rushed off to shunt more. Annie and Clarabell winked at him. Thomas was happy, maybe having a Valentine would be a nice change.

    China clay was being loaded into the freight trucks and workers were hard at work digging out minerals and rocks for Miss Sodor's special sculpture. Bill and Ben shunted loads of granite to the rock grinder and Fergus shunted cars of fresh limestone into the sidings. Toby arrived and was greeted warmly by Mavis and Fergus.
    "Good to have you here today, Toby!" said Fergus. "We could really use your help."
    "No problem." smiled Toby. "Whats the structure they are doing?"
    "It's beautifully crafted." said Mavis. "I have no idea what it is though."
    Toby laughed and looked at the sheds. "It's good to see you Mavis."
    "Always a pleasure, hun." replied Mavis with a smile.
    The joy however was silenced by the sound of a menacing purr from a diesel engine. Diesel rolled up next to Mavis. "What are you doing here, steamie?"
    "Sir Topham Hatt sent me to help." said Toby, showing no signs of fear. "Is that a problem?"
    Diesel glared. "Yes. This is MY Quarry. The sheds are mine, the rocks are mine, you're getting nothing out of coming here."
    Mavis rolled her eyes. "Here we go again."
    Diesel honked his horn. "You got something to say? I thought I told you to go to work."

    "Just who do you think you are?" exclaimed Mavis. "You don't own me!"
    "You're a diesel Mavis! And what Diesel says, diesels do! Now go to work!"
    Mavis stood her ground. "No. I'm staying with Toby."
    Diesel laughed. "Who? This old steampot? He's got nothing to offer!"
    "Perhaps a better paintjob and the ability to be kind perhaps?"
    Bill and Ben snickered at the comment.
    "I've been kind! I helped you steamies out before with the airport!"
    "Because Sir Topham Hatt would have sent you to to the smelter yards if you didn't."
    "I'm the World's Strongest Engine!"
    "You ended up in a barge in the river after FAILING to pull 20 trucks yet a STEAMIE could."
    Diesel wheeshed. "That prooves nothing! Mavis is still mine!"
    Mavis smirked and wheeshed out all the extra dust around her, smearing against Diesel's paint as Bill and Ben laughed. "Whatever Diesel!" She hummed by Toby and smiled. "Thanks, hun."
    Diesel glared and sulked away, fuming. Toby smiled and chuffed next to Mavis as they observed the sculpture. "So...Mavis?"
    "Yes?" Her eyes glittered.
    "Umm...well I've kinda been looking for a Valentine today. No luck though, but I was wondering..."
    Mavis started to blush. "'re so sweet...yes I will be." She purred happily.
    Toby smiled and rang his bell gently as Diesel watched. "Ohh you just wait Toby...I'll show you why they call me the King of the Steamies".
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    Why are you posting Thomas the Tank Engine stories now?
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    Why are you sticking your ruddy big honker in?
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    Why are you turning into to Ant E?
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    The world is screwed.
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    Why are you still bothering me?
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    If I was bothering you then you only have yourself to blame.

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