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  1. BozBoo
    is relaxing today.
  2. Ant E
  3. Ant E
    Ant E sage12
    Why haven't you come back
  4. BozBoo
    is looking forward to the RE2 remake this month.
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    3. McCloud
      Really whets the appetite! It's nothing often I buy games on day one but this is a must. You a big fan of the originals then?
      Jan 15, 2019
    4. BozBoo
      Re2 is the greatest game I've ever played. Never got bored of it. Big fan of the RE series.
      Jan 15, 2019
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    5. Ant E
      Ant E
      Religious Education?
      Jan 16, 2019 at 6:54 AM
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  5. Ant E
    Ant E sage12
    Hello. Who on earth are you?
  6. BozBoo
    is a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker....
  7. BozBoo
    is enjoying a 3 course meal. And I'm going to be the dessert.
  8. Pembers
    Too many Clouds
  9. BozBoo
    is wishing you all peach and goodwill.
  10. BozBoo
    is drinking heavily in York.
  11. BozBoo
    is going to bed now
    1. Ant E
      Ant E
      Thanks for the invite
      Dec 21, 2018
  12. Ant E
    Ant E neilold
    We are now enemies!!!
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    2. Ant E
      Ant E
      I can’t remember! But I haven’t had a good enemy in a while. Are you up for the job, Nigel?
      Dec 19, 2018
    3. neilold
      Bring it on. It's yet more bullying from the father/king/emperor/lord of bullying
      Dec 19, 2018
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    4. Ant E
      Ant E
      Dec 19, 2018
  13. Nikki the Great
    Nikki the Great Alexander Bind
    Thanks for following me and looking through my old profile posts. I have taken this as a request to make out.
  14. Ant E
    Ant E Alexander Bind
    Greetings!! Ummmm who are you??
    1. Alexander Bind
      Alexander Bind
      .... can’t see your profile that’s odd!! Hi I’m just a red dwarf fan with some time over Christmas so I’m online and relaxing who are you?? And why can’t I see your profile? /)
      Dec 18, 2018
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  15. Alexander Bind
    Alexander Bind
    .....The toilet rolls gone....Aliens!!!
  16. Ant E
    Ant E SgtSmileyUK
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  17. BozBoo
    is shopping. That is all.
  18. Ant E
    Ant E terrorform
    You’re up late
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    2. Cloud
      Harry doing his usual night stalk?
      Dec 10, 2018
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  19. Ant E
    Ant E Butler
    Why join and never post?
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  20. Ant E
    Ant E adamclark83
    Hello I’m new in town
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    2. adamclark83
      Hello. Welcome to the site fellow Dwarfer.
      Dec 9, 2018